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Never before in the history of the magazine has Brazilian creativity dominated a single issue as much as the new edition of Lürzer's Archive. An ad by São Paulo's Agencia Africa is on the front of the new issue and of the 83 print campaigns featured, there are 27 from Brazil alone.

The main interview, which you can find on the pages that follow, is with the brand-new president of D&AD, Mark Bonner, co-founder and co-creative director of top-ranking and multi-award winning design agency GBH London.

For the Digital Section we enlisted the help of Charlie Gschwend, Senior Copywriter at Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, currently 'on loan' to Wieden+Kennedy, Tokyo. So we hope you will enjoy our latest issue, which – somewhat inadvertently – has turned into a "Brazil Special."


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The collection of top-class illustration work that awaits you was selected from a total of more than 5,100 submissions received from 1,050 illustrators based in no fewer than 67 countries, thus making it a truly international affair. 

The final selection was made by: Michael Weinzettl (Lürzer's Archive), Matthew Eve (art/design historian and illustrator), Craig Frazier (Illustration Designer), Anne Telford (editor-at-large, Communication Arts), Gideon Amichay (NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, YES, New York) and Tolga Büyükdoganay  (Ogilvy & Mather/ Frankfurt am Main). 

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Dora Pruzincova

Dora Pruzincova is a Copywriter at Y&R, Prague. Her work is featured in Vol. 4/2014 of Lürzer's Archive. She takes on our Q&A and tells us what the next big thing in advertising will be.

The best piece of creative work around at the moment is:

"Not recent, but that headline campaign for Swiss Life. I don’t know why it stuck with me so much - probably because it’s the last 100% copy driven ad I’ve seen...

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